Postage from just $8.99

Postage from just $8.99

Ambrosia Honey Organic 500g


Type: Honey

Ambrosia organic honey lets you enjoy all the health benefits of honey as it's free from artificial flavours, synthetics, and colours. Ambrosia organic honey provides you with nutrients in its purest form and this makes it a must-have for your health and beauty. The honey is clarified and liquefied by heating it to a maximum of 45 degrees that helps in preserving its nourishing properties while maintaining its clarity.

Buy Ambrosia honey online and enjoy its plentiful health benefits.

Features of Ambrosia Honey Organic

Pure organic honey

Certified Organic

GMO, Preservatives, colours free

Paraben free

No added sugar

500 g

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

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