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$9.50 flat rate shipping. FREE delivery for orders over $129 to metro Australia!

ANNA'S Wild Yam Cream (Her) Menstrual & Menopausal Symptoms 100g

by Anna's
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Wild yam cream is a traditional cream formulated to provide relief for menstrual discomfort and menopause symptoms. Made from all natural ingredients, Wild Yam Cream contains the active ingredient of Diosgenin found in wild yams. This natural bio-chemical property can assist with the relief of menstrual discomfort and menopausal symptoms.

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Anna's Wild Yam Cream is a top-selling natural solution for women presenting with feminine imbalances.


  • Dioscorea Villosa (Wild Yam) Liquid Extract Equiv To Dry Root 200mg/G, Vitex Agnus-Castus (Chaste Tree) Liquid Extract Equiv To Dry Fruit 15mg/G, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Inner Leaf Juice Powder 50mcg/G And D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) 20mg/G, Ethanol (Natural Herbal Extract Solvent)


For external use only. As directed massage well into chest, neck, breasts, abdomen, inner arms & thighs, these are areas of the body where the cream is particularly well absorbed. Select one location for each application.       


For Menstrual Discomfort: Start on Day 12 to 20 with 1/4 small 2.5ml teaspoon am & pm then Day 21 to 28 with 1/2 a small teaspoon am & pm.

For Menopause: Start on Day 7 with 1/4 of a small 2.5ml teaspoon am & pm then as above creating a new cycle if necessary.

NB: Day 1 is always the start of your period

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    not happy!!!! be careful buying from this company

    I went to purchase this item said it was $47 and $21 to deliver to the US
    when I presss purchase the price instantly went to $70 and delivery $31 wtf happen. this has never happened to me on all of my years making purchases online.

    Rajendranath Ramnath
    Started to use the Wild Yam

    I started to use the Anna Wild Yam and feel good but waiting for the major change soon. I will let you know how I fel in another month or so. Thanks


    Highly recommend!!! This product works extremely well in helping relieve my hot flush’s from menapause

    Jubilee Moonga
    Timely delivery

    Arrived on time


    Everyone! I truly hope that my review of the AWYC and AOP helps you in your endeavors and Patience. (I Ordered from Australian Organic Products) Standard Shipping took about 11 business days, it was held for 1 week (5business day) at LAX Customs. I live in FL. When I placed my order was packaged straight away and shipped out. I used the first time $5 off for new customers and received about $3.30 Australian dollars, Although I spent USD. Nevertheless I was happy that the AWYC was available and AOP shipped to the US, AOP customer service was very responsive and helpful (Jess), I received a hand written thank you note when they should be the one to receive a Thank You note from me :)….. I ordered 2 jars of the AWYC and they were packaged nicely for delivery. When I opened the first jar of the AWYC the protective inlayer was unsealed, I think it because of the possible heat during travel, which is fine. Thank You to everyone at Australian Organic Products for your fast and friendly service. O track shipping via Australian Post, Shop app and USPS all free of charge! Now to review the AWYC!

    I have been using the product for about a week and a half. I am a new person. I feel vibrant and alive. My body feels at it’s best. On a day to day I used to feel sluggish and tired, now I feel normal energy levels, I feel like I want to get up and do things that I normally would see as work, showering, getting dressed, doing my makeup, combing my hair cleaning the house etc! Today for the first time in years, I wore jeans and I got up dressed up and felt my very best. No more aches and pain in the body no more mood swings it’s gone. No more disliking my husband a few days before my period. I haven’t had my period because I already had my period 2 weeks prior to receiving and using the cream. When my packaged arrived I opened it and used it straight away. 5pm in the evening. The positive changes in my mood were subtle but noticeable on day 2-3. I used to get bad cramps. Like not being able to get out of bed cramps, in my lower back and pevlis. One week before my period I used to dislike my husband. No more bloating! Who knew that outbalance with hormones could make you feel so out of your element. I am 30 yrs old and I feel like I did when I was a teenager. Happy vibrant and excitement fills my being today. I ordered directly from the Annas website and as we all know they are working on getting the cream back in stock. EVERYONE should have access to this cream and just try it. I also bought the comfort cream from Made down on Woodridge farm and that cream did not make me feel as good at the AWYC. On the 3rd day of using the comfort cream I felt dizzy and my nerves were all over the place, I stopped it straight away and waited for my AWYC delivery. The AWYC is magical and worth the wait. Ordering from Australian Organic Products in the middle of the night and they had it in stock I felt the Universe smiling on me as I’ve been looking since last summer to get my hand on the AWYC. I will have to write another review and let you all know how my period reacts after using the cream. Big Thank You to the AWYC Team for making this cream available and a Big Thank You to Australian Organic Products for having the cream in stock and providing fast friendly and awesome service!!!! Thank you all sending lots of health and wellbeing light and love to all. YES TRY THE AWYC, it’s life changing.

    Gratitude Forever!