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ECOLOGIC Organic Fabric Stain Remover Tangerine 500ml

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The Ecologic Fabric Stain Remover is suitable for all kinds of fabric. Unlike most fabric cleaners, this one retains the colour of the cloth without affecting the quality of the cloth. It is ideal to use on your favourite piece of clothing to retain its shine and make last for long. Buy organic Stain Remover online and say goodbye to tuff stains!
Fabric Stain Remover by Ecologic is an improved and upgraded product that is entirely organic and suitable for several purposes. It guarantees the preservation of your clothes, and, in addition, it retains their freshness and adds to their lost vibrancy. If your clothes have tough stains that do not seem to go away, this product has a strong formula that uses bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar with Tangerine extracts. These three infuse a natural, pleasant scent in the clothes and also return the vibrancy of whites or any other colour. If you want to use this product, all you have to do is spray it directly on the stains ensuring that they are completely covered. Once done, let the cloth soak for a while and then wash it following the regular washing regimen; by hand or by machine. If the stain is not fresh, it is advised that the stained area be soaked in the spray for more than ten minutes.


- 500 ml
- Certified as organic
- Cleans all stains
- Effective on white cloth
- Suitable for cuffs
- Workable on collars
- Cleans all fabric
- Strengthens fabric

Essential Ingredients Of ECOLOGIC – Fabric Stain Remover:

Organic bitter orange extract, tangerine essential oil, witch hazel extract, purified water, coco-glucoside, lemon aspen extract, bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar, soapwort extract and non-denatured sugar cane alcohol.

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