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REDUCED or FREE Delivery* - Just buy 1x AOP Chia 2kg bag!
REDUCED or FREE Delivery* - Just buy 1x AOP Chia 2kg bag!

GIOVANNI Organic Conditioner 2chic Ultra-Repair 250ml

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GIOVANNI presents with the new Organic Conditioner – 2chic, a new Ultra-Repair formula. The product is a complex concoction of essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients, oils and proteins that forms the perfect blend to maintain healthy hair and restore hair moisture. It is the perfect sealing conditioner that will treat hair that has been damaged due to a hair colour. It also forms a protective moistening layer on over processed hair. Buy GIOVANNI conditioner online, which is a natural way to provide the scalp and hair cells with proteins.
The blend of coconut milk and Shea butter supply the hair with vitamins and proteins. Black currant and blackberry are world renowned fruits with antioxidant properties. Together, they keep the hair hydrated and seal their tresses. Moreover, they promote a healthy bounce of hair with extra volume. The conditioner hydrates and softens the hair after a wash, making them soft to the touch and strong at the roots.
- 250 ml
- Rich in Vitamin E, A, C, K and B5
- Rich in keratin protein
- Restores lost hair vibrancy
- Repairs all damaged hair strands
- Regenerates healthier hair
- Certified as organic
- Free from all additives and preservatives
- Free from Lauryl
- Free from Laureth
- Sulphate free
- Suitable for vegetarians
- Hydrates hair
- Seals hair tresses
- Works as an antioxidant
- Delivers hair moisture
- Promotes hair elasticity
- Restores hair fibres
- Prevents hair damage
- Protects coloured hair
- Prevents hair from frizzing
Essential Ingredients of GIOVANNI – Organic Conditioner – 2chic:
Benzyl alcohol, ehydroacetic acid, polysorbate 60, Vitamin E, Pro-Vitamin B5, citric acid, fragrance, blackcurrant fruit extract, sunflower seed extract, acai fruit extract, macadamia seed extract, argan kernel oil, Brazilian cocoa keratin extract, shea butter extract, jojoba seed oil, coconut oil, blackberry fruit extract, guar chloride, glycerine, cetyl alcohol and purified water.
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