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Melrose Organic Unhulled Tahini 365g

by Melrose
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Melrose Organic Unhulled Tahini 365g

Melrose Australian and Organic Tahini spread is made from crushed sesame seeds and has a pleasant nutty taste. It is great for those on a dairy free diet as it is a good source of calcium. It is not mucus forming or acidic like many of the dairy products Western diets use predominantly as a calcium source. When the sesame seeds are ground into a paste they are much easier to digest. This means that you have a far greater chance of absorbing the nutrients from the sesame seeds.

Unhulled contains the outside hull of the sesame seed and therefore more fibre. Fibre provides bulk to stool and improves transit time. This is why, unless crushed, sesame seeds slip right through our digestive system without being broken down.

Tahini contains 50% polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, the good fats. These are the beneficial fats found in foods such as nuts, olive oil and avocados. This makes Tahini a high energy food with no cholesterol. Healthy fat intake is required for supple skin, better cholesterol ratios, and to protect cell membranes.

Tahini is a fabulous source of protein, especially for vegetarian diets. It has a higher protein profile than milk, soya, and many nuts.

Melrose Tahini Sesame Spread is a nutritious, natural food made by milling sesame seeds in a granite stone mill. Unlike most spreads, the natural oils in Melrose spreads are not subjected to hydrogenation. In other spreads this hydrogenation turns liquid oils into solids so that they will not separate out. However hydrogenation also produces Trans fatty acids and these have negative health effects. When using Melrose Tahini spreads, simply stir in the natural oils. Do not pour off the oil as this will leave you with a dry spread.

Tahini is a frequently used ingredient for people on a raw food diet. It can be used by itself as dip with crudities or roasted vegetables. It can be used in Hummus, salads or sandwiches, or can be mashed into baby foods or stewed fruit.


100% sesame seeds