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MT RETOUR Organic Frankincense Essential Oil 10ml

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Mt Retour Frankincense oil has delicately sweet, resinous and woody undertones. The Mt Retour Quality Assurances (MTQA) TM guarantees that you purchase a product of the highest quality that is made in Australia.

Use & Properties of Organic Frankincense Oil

  • Astringent: Tones & lifts the skin. Prevents wrinkles and loss of skin firmness
  • Sedative: It induces a feeling of mental peace, awakens insight.
  • Fades away scars and after marks of boils and acne
  • Alleviates anxiety and depression
  • Anti-inflammatory properties of frankincense are very effective as a treatment for joint pain and arthritis


The MT RETOUR Organic Frankincense Essential Oil is a multipurpose liquid (1ml/1ml)
Massage: 4 drops to 10 ml carrier oil (Link to Carrier Oil we recommend)
Bath: 5 drops in full drawn bath.
Vaporiser: 9-10 drops in a bowl of vaporizer
Not to be taken orally. Store below 30'C
Do not apply directly to skin
Keep out of reach of children

User Guide / Precautions
For applying on the skin, it should be mixed with a carrier oil

Store below 30'C


100% Certified Organic Frankincense (Boswellia Neglecta) Essential Oil

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