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Top organic teas to purchase and their benefits

Top Organic Teas to Purchase and their Benefits

Tea is a wondrous drink with many, many health benefits. Organic tea, simply put, means that all of the ingredients in the tea bag or loose leaf tea blend are certified organic and cultivated, harvested, and packaged without the use of synthetic compounds.

Why drink organic tea?

Organic tea is better for you and the planet.

To begin with, organic tea is grown without the use of harmful chemical pesticides fertilisers. This means that when the tea is picked and packaged into tea bags and loose leaf tea blends, no chemical residue is left on the leaves.

This chemical residue is found in many conventional tea bags and can be detrimental to human health. Pesticides have been linked to several chronic illnesses in humans, including neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. 

Choosing organic tea means choosing to experience all of the amazing health benefits of tea without a side order of chemicals!

The second reason you should be drinking organic tea is down to its effect on the environment. Organic farming methods cultivate tea leaves naturally, and by avoiding the use of chemicals, organic tea growers are preserving the quality of the soil they use.

Healthier soil leads to more nutrient-filled tea leaves which, in turn, boosts the already multitudinous health benefits of the tea you drink.

On top of healthier soil, organic tea production also leads to cleaner waterways. In conventional farming, the chemicals used to aid growth can run off into the earth's precious waterways, this can have a damaging effect on marine life.

Organic tea is by far the healthiest and most eco-friendly option for tea drinkers everywhere.

Organic tea brands to try

Now that you know why you should be drinking organic tea, we thought you might want to see a few of our favourite organic tea brands. Check out the list below to see which brands we recommend.

  • Pukka Tea. Pukka is one of the most well-known organic tea brands. They have a huge range of organic teas, including black tea, green tea, oolong tea blends, white tea, and herbal blends. Check out the range we stock today!
  • English Tea Shop. A community conscious organic tea company, English Tea Shop offers Fair Trade tea products. Offering a range of organic loose leaf tea blends, English Tea Shop is the perfect brand for organic tea lovers.
  • Daintree Tea. This organic tea company has perfected the art of premium organic black tea. With flavours your taste buds will love, this certified organic tea is a great option for those new to the tea world.
  • Yogi Tea. With a range of functional herbal teas, Yogi is one of our favourite organic tea brands for aromatic tea. All their tea comes packed full of vital nutrients for healthy and nutritious tea drinking.
Organic tea brands to try

Our favourite organic tea products

Now, if you simply can't choose an organic tea to try, we've got you covered too! Below we've listed some of our absolute favourite organic tea products.

Buddha Teas Organic Ashwagandha Tea

A caffeine-free, natural source of antioxidants, this organic herbal tea is made from certified organic ashwagandha root. A herb used in ayurvedic traditional medicinals tea, ashwagandha is known to reduce anxiety and stress and regulate blood sugar levels.

This tea is an organic herbal tea containing 18 tea bags.

Weleda Nursing Tea

The perfect tea for breastfeeding mothers, this Weleda tea has been specially formulated by midwives and pharmacists using only natural and organic ingredients.

Mixing fennel and lemon verbena, this organic herbal tea comes in a two-pack of 20 tea bags. The tea is organic, gluten-free, and dairy-free and is suitable for vegetarians.

Planet Organic Decaf Green Tea

Green tea is packed to the brim with highly beneficial antioxidants and other vital nutrients, but for those with caffeine sensitivities, green tea can be precarious. As green tea comes from the camellia Sinensis plant, like black tea, it contains caffeine.

This Planet Organic decaffeinated green tea is the perfect product to solve this conundrum. Still full of nutrients and antioxidants, this decaf green tea provides all the health benefits of green tea without the negative side effects of caffeine.

This Planet Organic decaf green tea comes as a 25 pack of tea bags, perfect for a quick cuppa!

Yogi Tea Throat Comfort Tea

The ingredients in this Yogi Tea blend include liquorice root which is known to soothe throat irritation and mullein leaf which is thought to treat respiratory conditions. While you can find liquorice root tea on its own, a pure blend that is hard to find is mullein tea (Woolworths and Coles don't appear to do it!), which is why this blend is the perfect substitute.

This herbal tea comes in a pack of 16 tea bags.

Top Organic Teas to Purchase and their Benefits

Clipper Organic Decaf Black Tea

Clipper Organic is one of the best organic tea brands on the market today, offering both organic and Fair Trade tea products. Their decaf tea comes free from harmful chemicals and is decaffeinated safely and healthily. This quality tea is a great option for those looking for a standard cuppa without caffeine.

This tea is made purely from decaffeinated black tea that is certified organic and Fair Trade and comes in a handy 20 pack of tea bags.

Buddha Teas Hibiscus Tea

For a floral and fruity quality tea, hibiscus tea should be your go-to! We love this Buddha Teas hibiscus tea because it’s packed full of fantastic nutrients and antioxidants, as well as being one of the most aromatic and tasty herbal teas we’ve tried.

This tea comes in a pack of 18 and is caffeine and chemical-free.

To find hibiscus tea, Australia is a great place to be as the hibiscus plant thrives in the sub-tropical and tropical parts of the country. Check out the Buddha Teas hibiscus tea on our site now!

Tea Tonic Blue Magic Tea

For a functional and tasty herbal tea, this organic blend from Tea Tonic is perfect. Working to enhance the shine of hair and the glow of skin, this herbal blend mixes chamomile with rose petals and butterfly pea.

This loose leaf tea comes in a handy storage tin and should be brewed like any other herbal tea.

Symingtons Dandelion Tea

For anyone who loves the flavour of coffee but not the caffeine, dandelion tea is the one for you. This tea, from a fantastic organic tea company, comes packed full of nutrients and has a roasted flavour that mimics that of coffee.

This organic tea comes, not in a tea bag, but as soluble pieces, much like coffee.

Buddha Teas Detox Dharma Blend

Another functional tea and another from Buddha Teas (another favourite organic tea brand of ours). This blend is said to detoxify the body and help us keep hydrated. It comes in an 18 pack.

Yogi Tea Ginger Tea Bags

Ginger tea is a common favourite among tea lovers, so why not grab a box of organic ginger tea and enjoy its many health benefits without the chemical residue of conventionally cultivated ginger tea!

This tea comes in a pack of 16 tea bags.

Blooms Senna Leaf Tea

Like ginger tea, a senna leaf tea can help with digestive issues and is particularly good at easing constipation. This Bloom’s senna leaf is a caffeine-free tea and comes in loose-leaf form.

Nature's Sunshine Pau D'arco Tea

This fantastic, certified organic tea gives a brilliant boost of immunity with every spoonful. This tea comes in the form of a dietary supplement and is added to boiling water by the spoonful.

Organic tea collection or sample pack products

And if you really can't decide and you just want to try a whole range of organic and Fair Trade teas, why not try some of the products listed below.

Organic tea online


Organic tea is the best and easiest way to reap the health benefits of tea without a side order of harmful chemicals. It is an eco-friendly option, and with lots of organic tea brands being Fair Trade, it also means making the best decision for the planet and its people. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is organic tea good for you?

Tea has many health benefits, coming full of antioxidants and other vitamins, and boosting overall health. Organic tea has all of the goodness of regular tea and it’s chemical-free. Organic farming methods mean that the tea leaves are not treated with any chemicals to aid in growth. This means that there is no chemical residue left on them, like there can be with conventionally farmed tea leaves, ultimately making organic tea even better for you than regular tea.

What is the healthiest tea to buy?

Organic tea is, by far, the healthiest tea to buy. With the tea leaves being devoid of chemical residue, you can enjoy all of the amazing health benefits of the tea without the damaging chemicals. Green tea is considered the healthiest of teas, as it is loaded with antioxidants, is little processed, and has a lower caffeine content than black tea.

Is organic tea the same as herbal tea?

Certified organic tea refers to any tea which has been cultivated through organic farming methods. An organic tea brand does not treat its crops with synthetic compounds to aid in growth. Herbal tea, usually called a tisane, is a blend of herbs, fruits, and plants to create a caffeine-free tea that can be fruity or floral.

Why should I drink organic tea?

Organic tea is better for you and the environment. Organic tea production does not allow for the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers. this means these chemicals cannot run off into waterways and damage ecosystems, or impact the health of the soil it is grown in. It also means that you do not ingest any chemical residue when drinking your tea.

Do I need to drink organic tea?

Organic tea is the healthier option because it is devoid of the residue leftover on mainstream crops that comes from chemical growing agents, like fertilisers and pesticides. Choosing organic tea means that you can enjoy all of the health benefits of tea without any negative side effects from the synthetic compounds used in conventional farming.

How do you drink organic tea?

Organic tea can be drunk much the same as normal tea. Simply place the tea bag, or the loose leaf tea, into boiling water and allow it to brew. Organic tea and regular tea only differ in their growing and cultivation methods and can be brewed and drunk in the same way.

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