FOUR LEAF Organic Oat Bran 800g

Four Leaf

Type: Cereal

Organic Oat Bran is high in Betaglucan - just sprinkle over your favourite cereal or take with a glass of vitamin C to start each day to help your immunity, cholesterol and sugar levels.

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Oat Bran is the outer area of the kernel. Oats, via their high fibre content, remove cholesterol levels from the digestive system, which leads to decreased amounts reaching the blood stream. They also have special antioxidant properties that reduce atherosclerotic plaque (and thereby reducing atherosclerosis). This is especially so when consumed with vitamin c.

Suggested Use

It is suggested to take a glass of orange juice with a bowl of oats, or, a bowl of your favourite breakfast cereal topped with a large spoonful of oat bran.


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