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HERBON Biodegradable Baby Soap 75g


Type: Soap

Heading towards a comprehensive technical future, it is vital to nurture a good relationship with the nature around and conservation of the local system. On the other hand, whilst taking care of your baby, it is essential to pay scrupulous attention to nurture the tender ones amidst the harsh circumstances. Herbon understands your concern and furnishes you with best natural baby soaps in Australia. Natural baby soap is gentle and possess natural herbal fragrance and is specially formulated to cleanse the soft and sensitive baby skin.

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Gently cleans your baby's skin without harmful chemicals. 100% biodegradable, this product also cares for the environment, breaking down completely into harmless compounds after 7 to 21 days.


Like all Herbon products, Herbon baby soap is allergy free and contains no-petrochemicals and no artificial perfumes or animal-derived ingredients. It's not tested on animals and is safe for septic systems. Made in Australia.


Coconut Oil, Free Fatty Acids, Salt, Glycerol, Olive Oil, Vegetable Derived Glycerine, Sweet Almond Oil, Citric Acid and Water.

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